Our Story

Waxxy & Co. is a dedicated passion… no glorified brand schtick, just a whole lot of wick. Some say we have O.C.D. "Obsessive Candle Disorder". We just call it a way of life.

As serious as we are about what we do, we are a young, fun loving group of candle lovers and fragrance fanatics, that live life with a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted groove. 

For us, its about letting our product speak our story, through each candle we make, one candle at a time…

Our story continues in each Waxxy & Co. creation we pass along to you.

Let Life Burn Brightly.

The first batches of Waxxy & Co. candles were poured in 2011, after years of relentlessly studying the art and science of candle making. I spent countless hours experimenting with ingredients and fragrance formulations with a dedication for creating the perfect candle experience. My friends and family were blown away by those first candles had I so passionately created.

In the weeks to come, my phone started ringing, as word had spread throughout our hip little downtown neighborhood. I felt a sense of pride, accomplishment, and appreciation, followed by a sudden rush of nervousness, for I knew this journey had only just begun. At that moment, I made a commitment to follow my life’s passion for creating the most exquisite and fulfilling candle collection available, and to deliver an experience that fragrance lovers and the candle community would share with each other, and with the world. Waxxy & Company was born.

Twelve years after those first candles were poured, and 2023 brings Waxxy & Co. to a culmination of over a decade of expertise in producing perfectly balanced hand-poured artisan candles, with the absolute best ingredients and finest fragrances in the world. Our skin-care line expands on our love and commitment to bring you a blissful experience, with care and appreciation for you and your environment at the core of what we create.

Waxxy & Company is a purpose, a life-long passion and has been an amazing experience. I'm looking forward to the next part of this journey, and for everything that Waxxy will bring in the years to come.

Thank you for being part of the Waxxy & Co. family and for supporting this amazing fragrance community we all enjoy.

Let life burn brightly..!

Nicole Wilson
Founder and Fragrance Provocateur

Waxxy & Co.